Childhood Delights

Each time you crack an egg, out flows a yolk,
and often giggles flow when you crack a joke.
Funny Bunny

A puppy leaps to meet you when you’re sighted.
How great to greet like this – with joy – excited!
DSC_0636 3

More priceless than all prizes I could win
was catching sight of your delighted grin.

Your laughter blossoms when a joke is funny
like morning glories do when days are sunny.
Boston Goofiness

Through playing, while a child, you had a blast.
Have tons of fun though childhood has passed!
Spider Girl

Mirrors can tell lies though they are quiet,
and sometimes their trick fibbing is a riot.
Zany Day

Now that you’ve grown, at times we disagree,
but I love you like when you had a menagerie.
Furry Party

Mario A. Pita

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Image Marriages – 9

When you feel all that’s left in life is gloom,
you can’t imagine then what joy will bloom.

Amazing though our cleverness may be,
for life on Earth, we’re still a catastrophe.

Waves of sound that issue from your lips
could sink or could sustain relationships.

Forgetfulness has made the forest sprout
from buried acorns squirrels forgot about.
April Squirrel

When buds are slow to open, you don’t scold
since buds respond to warmth but not to cold.

Numerous as leaves, the words you spoke,
collect light – full of beauty – like an oak.

Conceive of joy, and in some moment after
you will give birth to it as a burst of laughter.
Galactic Tickle

Mario A. Pita

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War Relic

An island fort that played a role in war
is now a scenic ruin where kids play,
instilling hope the same fate lies in store
for conflict installations of today.

Time swallowed history. Now swallows nest
in rooms encrusted with a haunting mood.
Periodic squeals of swallow chicks attest
to begging for and being given food.

Discovering a nest, thrilled children seek
for others, finding more to their delight:
the fort has been inherited by the meek
though formerly it showed a nation’s might.

The guns and cannons gone, we’re left with fun
of finding nesting birds. Wars ended. They won.

Mario A. Pita

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Chopin Plantings

We hope that we can do as Chopin did,
afflicted though he was by maladies
of which in his brief life he wasn’t rid,
profusely planting gorgeous melodies.
He showed us how to live: in spite of woe,
you plant for others beauty that will grow.

Chopin Plantings

Mario A. Pita

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Summer Portraits

Things I’m thankful for are lots to list,
beginning with the fact that you exist.

A sculpture of a cat will never scratch you,
yet better to hold a cat instead of a statue.

To grow its roots in rocks, a plant will toil
though it would much prefer a porous soil.

Your boundary appears to be your skin,
but it’s not where you end or you begin.

Your breaths move in and out, as though a tide,
suggesting you’re the shore of a sea that’s wide.

Your thoughts are blooming in your brain – a vase –
but were they grown and plucked some other place?

All kinds of thoughts sprout in your fertile mind,
but you may choose to nurture the kindest kind.

Mario A. Pita

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Gallery Display

The following works, most of which have appeared in Snapshot Couplets over the past
few years, will be displayed as large canvas prints in the Piper Gallery of the The Cary
Memorial Library, Lexington, MA, during the month of July, 2015.

Keys of black and white open me
to realms of multicolored melody.
Piano Mantras - 1

Without a match, a pianist lights a fire,
a sonic blaze which needs no amplifier.
Piano Mantras - 2

Sheet musical notes, eggs of black and white,
hatch when played, from fingers taking flight.
Piano Mantras - 3

That melody in your mind is solely mental,
but you can play and make it instrumental.
Piano Mantras - 4

Chopin had it right– at times the singers
are not our voices but our supple fingers.*
Piano Mantras - 5

Beginner at the piano – excited and humble –
like children learning to walk, fingers stumble.
Piano Mantras - 6

Wordlessly, whole worlds can be relayed
as music landscapes from a piano played.
Piano Mantras - 7

A pianist presses, a guitarist plucks and strums;
through countless ways a beautiful music comes.
Piano Mantras - 8

You have to turn some keys to unlock doors,
but other keys are touched and music pours.
Piano Mantras - 9

Infinities incarnate, sensationally expressed
in touch as when a piano’s keys are pressed.
Piano Mantras - 10

We each will see truth from a different angle,
but points of view converge around an angel.
January Vertigo

While clothed in thick illusions, reality will strip,
where you can glimpse the space-time fabric rip.
Reality Balance

Before it was chopped down, this gorgeous tree
held concerts played by wind and birds for free.
Treble Tree

Those physicists think all is made of strings.
Like music from guitars the cosmos springs.
Cosmic Music

Putting in words what you mean to my soul
is like squeezing a galaxy into a cereal bowl.
Mind Food 5

Sparks at night shot from my black cat’s paws,
small lightnings with a blanket-plucking cause.

On summer nights – without a need for tickets –
it’s sweet attending concerts played by crickets.
Cricket Concert

From charted data we may learn a lot,
but there are truths we can never plot.

They are priceless – sparrows shattering my sleep,
outside the window chirping, “cheap, cheap, cheap.”

Your loveliness eludes all adjectives,
like waterfalls can’t be held in sieves.

Mario A. Pita

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Prayer Sprouts – 2

I’m not the light. In darkness, I’m certain,
You are the light – I only open the curtain.

The body is a dead end street, and You,
for reaching to heaven, the only avenue.

Your walking on the waves has not been beat,
though stepping on the moon was quite a feat.

Although, by now, my many years have piled,
I hope – O Love – I’m nonetheless your child.
DSC_0794 2

Because I love to write for You, I’m wordy,
but may I – more importantly – be worthy.

My deepest plea, O please do not refuse me,
is that You will, despite my failings, use me.

May I belong to You from whom life pours,
forever – Creator and Savior – solely yours.

Mario A. Pita

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