Image Marriages – 8

We’ve added to suffering. Let’s subtract.
There’s mathematics with our every act.

A building clothed in vines has charm for me:
our harming of Earth could turn to harmony.

Significance is not just scaled in size:
the universe is vast, but you are wise.

As you breathe music, full of sentiment,
you are—at any age—Love’s instrument.

They do their work but not in business suits,
probing through the dirt for moisture, roots.

We see ourselves as separate yet know
as foliage from the tree of life we grow.

From dust of stars, our bodies coalesce.
Differently than them, we shine no less.

The senses can’t perceive where the spirit goes
like you can’t hear a symphony with your nose.

Your beauty hasn’t launched a thousand ships
but has been sipped in glances, countless sips.

Mario A. Pita

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Mind Food

The feel and smell of bread against your lips
returns you to a sense some thoughts eclipse.
Mind Food 1

We want to taste all truths as if with forks,
but most elude us – like subatomic quarks.
Mind Food 2

You twirl your fork in a silverware ballet
for noodles wrap around it best that way.

Your love, like loaves, is given out in slices,
or else as many grains, the way that rice is.

Putting in words what you mean to my soul
is like squeezing a galaxy into a cereal bowl.
Mind Food 5

The foods for mind and soul that a writer cooks
are feasts for free when offered as library books.
Mind Food 6

Because we can’t yet taste the infinite,
we nibble substitutes – like chocolate.

Mario A. Pita

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Swan Drama

A sparkle constellation frames a swan,
galactic fledglings, scintillating spawn.
Swan Constellation 1

When offspring sparkles disappear, the swan
appears concerned: where have they all gone?
Swan Pondering

Sunbathing turtles may have helpful tips
for the swan that’s searching, taking sips.
Swan Audience 1

The group of turtles in noon sunshine basks
while others go about their quests and tasks.
Turtle Family

As though an ostrich with its head in sand, a swan,
with face immersed, can seem morose, withdrawn.
Swan Audience 2

While sparkles on the pond remain unseen,
the swan looks regal, mirrored, and serene.

Enchanted moments, from a certain view,
the swan once again has a sparkle retinue.
Swan Constellation 2

Mario A. Pita

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Image Marriages – 7

When wind made clouds far overhead a heart,
you witnessed – stunned – a stratospheric art.
Cirrus Heart

Through life, we learn to heed the vital signs;
a breath, a beat, a meaning between the lines.

A rose can’t grow from a dandelion seed,
but a plant will never think itself a weed.

Exuberant, abstract, expressionistic limbs,
meander, scribbles, at the breezes’ whims.

We may declare our minds are open, but
what’s the good of that if hearts are shut?
Incongruous Message

The sun just shines and doesn’t have to preach
for trees to strive toward it though out of reach.

Mountain slopes, if looked at properly,
become a woman – no one’s property.
Summit Romance

Mario A. Pita

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Image Marriages – 6

This loveliness intoxicates like liquors:
eclipsed by foliage, the sunlight flickers.

As we wash dishes, time swirls down the drain,
unless we’re mindful, then nothing is mundane.

Each time I point, the dog looks at my hand.
The point of pointing he doesn’t understand.
Canine Chiaroscuro

While birds declare with songs their territory,
the ways of men, in contrast, have been gory.

In you – behind the flesh and bone facade –
an unseen essence shines – the face of God.

What do we achieve by way of worry?
It makes a blizzard out of every flurry.
Blizzard Starlings

Created sacred, wholly holy – you
are blossoming in my field of view.

Mario A. Pita

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Mind Stream

The stream of consciousness poured into a jar,
and you confused that flask with who you are.

Your stream of consciousness may be a drink
for others who can sip the thoughts you think.

When thinking flows to here where I now am,
the stream of consciousness can burst its dam.
Emily Reflecting

The stream of consciousness has giant falls.
Niagara’s are – in contrast – sized for dolls.
Stream of Consciousness 4

We won’t extinguish hate with perennial wars.
We need a stream of consciousness that pours.

The “Stream of Consciousness” is full of names,
and that one first was coined by William James.

Streams of consciousness might freeze or slow,
but Someone’s warmth resuscitates their flow.
The Thaw

Streams of consciousness, things you think,
flow from your pen – transforming into ink.
Boston Swan

The stream of consciousness is not used up
when drops of it spill from your mind, a cup.

The stream of consciousness – what’s its fate?
Flowing into an ocean – that won’t evaporate.

Mario A. Pita

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Piano Mantras

Keys of black and white open me
to realms of multicolored melody.
Piano Mantras - 1

Without a match, a pianist lights a fire,
a sonic blaze which needs no amplifier.
Piano Mantras - 2

Sheet musical notes, eggs of black and white,
hatch when played, from fingers taking flight.
Piano Mantras - 3

That melody in your mind is solely mental,
but you can play and make it instrumental.
Piano Mantras - 4

Chopin had it right– at times the singers
are not our voices but our supple fingers.*
Piano Mantras - 5

Beginner at the piano – excited and humble –
like children learning to walk, fingers stumble.
Piano Mantras - 6

Wordlessly, whole worlds can be relayed
as music landscapes from a piano played.
Piano Mantras - 7

A pianist presses, a guitarist plucks and strums;
through countless ways a beautiful music comes.
Piano Mantras - 8

You have to turn some keys to unlock doors,
but other keys are touched and music pours.
Piano Mantras - 9

Infinities incarnate, sensationally expressed
in touch as when a piano’s keys are pressed.
Piano Mantras - 10

Mario A. Pita

* See Manuscript in Dreams: A Study of Chopin by Juana Rosa Pita

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