Feline Island

You cuddle with your cat who brings you peace
while trouble vortexes swirl all around,
and though their turbulence may never cease,
your feline island forms a steady ground
where they that loomed so large seem to decrease,
and tightly tensed up nerves can be unwound,
and small contentment slowly can increase
till it’s a continent with purring’s sound.
You cuddle with your cat and form a world,
and though your troubles don’t there disappear,
they seem to shrink around where you are curled,
protected through a purring atmosphere.
Life’s surging problems won’t be feline-solved,
but while you form an island, they’re dissolved.

drawing by anpuvarkey

Drawing, which inspired the sonnet, by Anpuvarkey
from  The Elephant in the Room: Women Draw Their World, 2016

Mario A. Pita

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