Piano Inventor

I’m deeply grateful to a person I
won’t meet, since he lived centuries ago,
for what he did before he had to die,
Italian man, Cristorfi, Bartolomeo.
He tuned the clavichords whose tones were quiet,
and built them too, and harpsichords, more loud,
from instruments, a whisper or a riot,
and hearers loved them, and performers bowed.
But he wished that one instrument could sound
from soft to loud to everywhere between,
so he conjured, devised, invented, found,
the way one could, and people still convene
to play and hear the treasure he left for us.
May angels greet him with a heaven chorus.

Grand Piano MET DP300906.jpg
Inspired by the story of Cristorfi’s life as told by Elizabeth Rusch, The Music of Life: Bartolomeo Cristofori & the Invention of the Piano

Mario A. Pita

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