Self Time-lapse

Are you the one you were when you were young,
or are you someone different than you were;
your selves like beads upon a necklace strung,
with some more colorful, that you prefer?
Are you the one you see who’s in a glass,
though in that mirror you are in reverse,
or who you will become when decades pass,
till your remains are carried in a hearse?
Or could it be you’re none of the above,
your essence being out of time and space,
projected like a movie that you love
so still frames seem to keep a steady pace?
Beyond illusions, like those on a screen,
your timeless self remains unknown, unseen.


Mario A. Pita

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One Response to Self Time-lapse

  1. Maria Isabel Pita says:

    Your questions beg other questions – such as Who is the film maker, the director, and the projector? Certainly not your self, which is essentially powerless on its own. I am reminded of what the Lord said to Catherine of Sienna in some of her visions: “Daughter, do you know who you are and who I am? If you know these two things you will be very happy. You must know that you are that which is not, but I am That Which Is… Later Our Lord taught her other axioms: “My daughter, think always of Me, and I promise to think of you.” “Empty your heart of all other cares and thoughts, think only of Me and rest in Me. And be assured that I think of you, I who can and will provide you richly with everything you need.”

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