O, Love, when doubts assault me like a robber
of all the peace that with Your help I built
my soul is full of wounds because they clobber
and leave me only with a sense of guilt
because my faith has not been strong enough
to overcome that most destructive bandit,
and I wish that I could have been more rough,
so when it tried to come, I could have banned it.
O, Love, though I am weak, don’t let doubt steal
my faith in You on which I build my life,
because deep down I know that You are real
though bandit doubt assaults as with a knife.
O, Love, though I am weak and full of faults,
protect me when the bandit, doubt, assaults.


Mario A. Pita

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2 Responses to Bandit

  1. Thanks for doing what you do, Mario. You’re proof that God didn’t stop speaking to people after the first century.

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