Childhood Prelude

One morning, in my childhood, I woke
to singing that made me feel I had died
and gone to heaven, where an angel spoke
by way of song as my celestial guide.
In my short life till then, I had not heard
a singing or a music so sublime,
of melody unfettered by a word
and pitches that would softly fall and climb.
In fact, the song was from the stereo
and being played upstairs then by my mother,
but I recall though it was long ago
that morning that stands out from any other:
In childhood, through music, I was given
a taste, a glimpse, a memory of heaven.

Mario A. Pita

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4 Responses to Childhood Prelude

  1. Wow you’re right, Mario. That was a transporting duet. Sublime, I would say. And while you can hear heaven from this piece, you can also feel the sadness of all the earth.

  2. Maria Isabel Pita says:

    I will never forget that morning either! The sun was pouring into the house as I seemed to float out of bed and down the stairs into the living room because I could scarcely believe the music was coming from the stereo and not heaven! πŸ™‚

  3. Lourdes Pita says:

    I remember this piece but no specific morning I heard it! πŸ˜‰

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