Mind Triplet


Thought Weight

A thought can weigh as much or more than bricks,
as much as planets, stars, and galaxies,
and though it may seem true, it can play tricks,
and cloak the deeper, pure realities.
Intangible, amorphous, like a cloud,
it still can crush with its oppressive weight.
From outside, it seems silent, yet it’s loud
within a head, as part of mental state.
But you can take each with a grain of salt,
or if you want, some other condiment,
so when dark musings gather to assault,
you see them small, as no impediment.
Through piled thoughts like grains of sand you sift,
as though for specks of gold: the thoughts that lift.


Mind Dominion

A day when thoughts assaulted you like thugs
who robbed you of your peace and gave you hell
and drained your life like big blood-sucking bugs
and made you feel you never would be well,
you chose to act in spite of their assaults
and planned for something beautiful to do,
although they clobbered you with all your faults
and those of life life and other people too.
Now when a thought assaults you like a bully,
no more within its thrall should you be held,
but heed the thoughts that aid you live life fully,
the ones that are for you, and others, help.
A thought can beat us up as with a fist.
Let’s heed instead the ones that can assist.


Mental Disentanglement

Don’t be perturbed by thoughts assaulting you,
for thoughts are insubstantial, like a cloud,
though they insist there’s something you must do
to heed them when they’re riotous and loud.
You learn you needn’t heed your every thought
as though it were a vital, pressing thing,
since many quickly ripen and then rot,
you are not fooled by all the things you think.
When you have been assaulted by a thought,
you’ve tensed as though preparing for a fight,
and then within your troubled mind you’ve fought
and even kept yourself awake at night.
Your mind has been at times a battle scene.
Now you hear Love tell you, “Remain serene.”


Mario A. Pita

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