O, Jesus, why have I forsaken You,
upon Your crosses all around the globe –
the homeless, lonely, and the hungry too,
those in the cold without a coat or robe?
And while You suffered, I philosophized,
locked in my head as though it were a fort
and hardly noticed when You came disguised
as people for whom life is rough and short.
And now that it is I who feel forsaken,
I much regret the way that I have been,
like fallen fruit that from a tree was shaken
to dark self-centeredness, a grievous sin.
O, Jesus, though till now I’ve often failed,
may I no more forsake You where You’re nailed.


Mario A. Pita

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2 Responses to Forsaken

  1. This reminds me of my first blog post, ‘Nailing Jesus to the Cross’ and the way you describe retreating into the mind as though it were a fort resonates with me especially. How easy it would be to follow Christ if it were all just theoretical.

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