Solar Emissary

While blowing kisses to the sun, I pray
that not just light will stream to everyone
but also that my kisses, on each ray,
will beam to all who are beneath the sun,
which then becomes my kisses’ emissary,
conveying love in bountiful supply
to people who receive what it can carry
by way of kisses beaming from the sky.
Then solar warmth will not be only heat
but also made of human love and care
without which life is cold and incomplete:
may it shine down on all and everywhere.
While blowing kisses to the sun, I ask
that they’ll reach all who in its warm rays bask.


Mario A. Pita

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5 Responses to Solar Emissary

  1. Your prayers are so colorful and so alive! You really only want to share the love of God.

    • Thank you, I am happy that you find them colorful, and I hope they can be like the rainbow in the picture! This makes me think that as rainbows are made when light of the sun is refracted through millions of droplets in the air, so colorful, beautiful things can form by the light of God shining through us. That is my hope, as a droplet, that Light will shine through me so I can be of some small help in making the rainbow that many are making together.

  2. mysticity says:

    Wonderful. Loved it

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