for Maria

As when a woman wearing some perfume
leaves fragrance in the air though she has gone,
your visit for a moment to my room
left something – not a scent that you had on,
but rather some aroma of your soul
that felt to me as something heaven-sent,
for struggles lately took a heavy toll,
so I was thankful for the lasting scent.
Though fragrance such as this cannot be bottled
like flower petal scents that are distilled,
it helps me with afflictions I have battled
to feel my room with such a fragrance filled.
My sister, it’s been long now since your visit,
but still I sense the fragrance of your spirit.


Mario A. Pita

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One Response to Fragrance

  1. Maria Isabel Pita says:

    Wow. Thank you, Mar. I take no credit for that fragrance, however, for it is my soul walking closer with the Lord, like my body walking deeper through a beautiful garden, that is the source of this scent.

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