It’s easy to believe now in the cross,
since suffering’s inflicted everywhere,
and easy to believe through pain and loss
that crosses are a thing that we must bear.
It’s easy to believe in crucifixions
because they still occur though differently:
it’s obvious that they are not just fictions,
although on crosses that we may not see.
It’s harder to believe, though, I can cross,
as when You asked a man to walk on waves,
upon a lake that You had strolled across:
he sank because he lacked a faith that saves.
I cross myself, between my birth and death,
and pray for faith to cross the rippled depth.

crossing the waves

Mario A. Pita

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3 Responses to Crossing

  1. That man was Peter, whom Christ saved him he went under completely, and thanks to Peter’s faith, that deepened since he he nearly drowned, we have Christ’s Church, that helps keep us all from sinking now.

  2. Really great last line.

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