Love Vision

for Kate

A woman strolls along the wooded trail,
with joggers, bikers, skaters, speeding by,
and taps the path to read the way like braille,
in sweeps to feel where obstacles could lie.
From in her radio, some people talk
and keep her in the twilight company,
and others often join her on her walk.
She smiles at the joys her soul can see.
The sight of her has pulled me from my woes
that blinded me to other people’s plights,
their blessings and their curses, highs and lows,
their sufferings as well as their delights.
A woman on the trail is blind, yet she,
with beaming smile walking, helps me see.


Mario A. Pita

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2 Responses to Love Vision

  1. This is simply beautiful.

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