Telephonic Golgotha

A telephone pole looked like a cross,
the one on which so long ago You hung,
though it appeared to lack a woe and loss
as only wires for phone calls were strung.
And, when I saw, I felt that You had come,
without a need for scientific proof,
although it seems a foolish faith to some,
it felt as sure as wires from a roof.
But suffering was on that phone pole too,
for in the phone calls that I couldn’t hear
there surely was some crying, and I knew
the phone pole bore some agony and fear.
O, Love, I feel You suffer with each soul
whose cry hangs on a telephonic pole.

Electric Golgotha, painting by Jean-Marc Dauvergne
Electric Golgotha by Jean-Marc Dauvergne

Mario A. Pita

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