The Cantor

Inside a church, I heard no idle banter,
no gossip chitchat in which talk was small.
Instead, the lovely singing of the cantor
affirmed that Love is ultimately all.
At times, afflictions that we face can sting,
and while a song may not extract the stinger,
it’s wonderful to hear the cantor sing,
as heaven can be hinted through a singer.
For we are drawn by singing that’s sublime
to what we otherwise might never hear –
realms transcending finite space and time,
realms a cantor makes us feel are here.
We travel far and yet stay locally:
a cantor can transport us vocally.

Musically Entangled

Mario A. Pita

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8 Responses to The Cantor

  1. Love this. Today is Saturday and in our small mountain town, the day of mass, Palm Sunday mass. This afternoon I will have the blessing of singing as cantor for the church and will keep your words in mind, “Affirm that Love is ultimately all.” Today we will sing my favorite hymn of the whole year: “Jesus Remember Me.” Thank you.

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  3. (Just reblogged this.)

  4. Joan says:

    and I but hear one word from this that love is sacred love is bliss…I thank you for your great words I hear them loud and hear them clear, a blessing of joy to all my friends, that our Easter day is closely near.

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