Since life’s a play, I want to know my role,
although no script will tell me what to say,
no teleprompter text will slowly scroll,
so I must improvise from day to day.
In this drama, life, I play a part,
though often I don’t know how I should act,
directed by my head or by my heart,
by inner feeling or by outer fact.
On this stage, the world, where I was cast,
I do the best I can within the play
at which I am delighted and aghast,
in an earthly costume made of clay.
I know You watch the play, my author, God,
and I hope I act in ways You would applaud.


Mario A. Pita

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One Response to Actor

  1. Lovely! Yet I would add that Jesus is our director, and the Holy Spirit is always on stage with us acting through us and our fellow performers. Maybe because I was a Thespian, I can tell you that actors on stage always know how to act, for their director had already interpreted the author’s play and coached them in their role. We can be nervous on stage, and forget our lines and have to improvise, and fall out of character if we get distracted etc. etc. but we always know how to act – as our Director desires we act, with all our heart.

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