Human Firmament

Imagine feeling guilty for a cloud
that lingers for a moment then is gone.
It sounds absurd, but that’s what you allowed
to happen in your mind: you were a pawn
pushed around by every passing feeling
as though it represented who you are
till all the contradictions left you reeling,
and you, from your true self, were driven far.
But now you hold the clouds as they drift by
and know you are not them: you are the sky.

Cirrus Heart

Mario A. Pita

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8 Responses to Human Firmament

  1. Sadia Khan says:

    Bless you. This is wonderful.

  2. WOW–you are good at this! Please visit my post…NOT EXACTLY…A SONNET? and give me some feedback? –Jonathan.

  3. How did you know? Thanks:))

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