Endearing Wonders

Sparks at night shot from my black cat’s paws,
small lightnings with a blanket-plucking cause.

On summer nights – without a need for tickets –
it’s sweet attending concerts played by crickets.
Cricket Concert

Obliged to walk the dog in snow at night,
deep beauty mitigates a cold wind’s bite.

From charted data we may learn a lot,
but there are truths we can never plot.

They are priceless – sparrows shattering my sleep,
outside the window chirping, “cheap, cheap, cheap.”

Your loveliness eludes all adjectives,
like waterfalls can’t be held in sieves.

Splendor beyond myself can humble me:
among resplendent blooms, a bumble bee.

Mario A. Pita

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4 Responses to Endearing Wonders

  1. beth ann says:

    how did you do these Mario?new technique? really cool!

    • Thanks, Beth Ann! I took these pictures in a realm outside of space and time, just pressing the camera button, no particular technique. I used Photoshop just for minor touch ups! 🙂

  2. Daniel Lamoureux says:

    Thank you, Mario. Always interesting and thought-provoking.


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