Monochrome Dreams

The businesses in town seemed mundane, mostly,
then sunlit glass formed gowns appearing ghostly.
Spirit Garments

Our paths are singular or they are joint,
but all are going to the vanishing point.
Man Approaching the Vanishing Point

Transmitted from our hearts or from church spires,
our prayers stream to You as though through wires.
Prayer Wires

My grandmother was first to reach the light.
My grandfather was next to pass from sight.

As melancholy loads us with its weights,
we can’t imagine then what bliss awaits.

The sculpture made of rock can’t be a star
the way that you, my rock star sibling, are.
Paris Lourdes

You cultivate your heart, soul soil field,
so love can be the crop that it will yield.

As sunlight weaves in fences, scenes are clad
in patterns, like a skirt’s, crisscrossing, plaid.
Boston Station

The planet we inhabit is an infinite marvel
though cosmically no bigger than a marble.

We want to stay on track with plans yet know,
beyond the one-track mind, tall feelings grow.

We warm ourselves in words as with a coat
and cross the depths on them as with a boat.

To try to fit in words what you have meant to me
is like trying to fit the Atlantic into a glass of tea.

You beckon us, Abuelo, right hand raised,
serenely to the Love through ages praised.

Mario A. Pita

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3 Responses to Monochrome Dreams

  1. Chrissy Mason says:

    Glorious, Mario!

  2. Beth Ann says:

    wow! so powerful in black and white!

  3. Peter Bittel says:

    Lovely, M.A. I would like a print of image #2.

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