Prayer Sprouts

As words, when read aloud, escape a paper,
your spirit surges from your flesh in prayer.

The future’s face is covered with a veil.
May goodness escalate and love prevail.

Our bodies are of stuff the Earth recycles,
but we hope to endure as Love’s disciples.

You cleansed a soul that had been full of vermin
but did so through your love, not with a sermon.

Within a dream, no load too much to carry,
disguised as lady bug, you raised me, Mary.

Varied stories that we clothe You with
help us to see, but You are not a myth.

May I awake within Your arms, O Lord,
from life, a dream, adoring and adored.

Mario A. Pita

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5 Responses to Prayer Sprouts

  1. Eileen English says:


  2. Daniel Lamoureux says:

    Hi Mario.

    These are really good. What’s the the church in the fifth image down: is it the Mission Church? And I recognize the Swedenborg Chapel at the bottom, where I played for several years. Thanks for posting these.



  3. Beth Ann says:

    Beautiful as always Mario, thanks for sharing. love, Beth Ann

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