Swan Drama

A sparkle constellation frames a swan,
galactic fledglings, scintillating spawn.
Swan Constellation 1

When offspring sparkles disappear, the swan
appears concerned: where have they all gone?
Swan Pondering

Sunbathing turtles may have helpful tips
for the swan that’s searching, taking sips.
Swan Audience 1

The group of turtles in noon sunshine basks
while others go about their quests and tasks.
Turtle Family

As though an ostrich with its head in sand, a swan,
with face immersed, can seem morose, withdrawn.
Swan Audience 2

While sparkles on the pond remain unseen,
the swan looks regal, mirrored, and serene.

Offspring that got lost return to view:
the swan rejoins her sparkle retinue.
Swan Constellation 2

Mario A. Pita

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