Mind Stream

The stream of consciousness poured into a jar,
and you confused that flask with who you are.

Your stream of consciousness may be a drink
for others who can sip the thoughts you think.

When thinking flows to here where I now am,
the stream of consciousness can burst its dam.
Emily Reflecting

The stream of consciousness has giant falls.
Niagara’s are – in contrast – sized for dolls.
Stream of Consciousness 4

We won’t extinguish hate with perennial wars.
We need a stream of consciousness that pours.

The “Stream of Consciousness” is full of names,
and that one first was coined by William James.

Streams of consciousness might freeze or slow,
but Someone’s warmth resuscitates their flow.
The Thaw

Streams of consciousness, things you think,
flow from your pen – transforming into ink.
Boston Swan

The stream of consciousness is not used up
when drops of it spill from your mind, a cup.

The stream of consciousness – what’s its fate?
Flowing into an ocean – that won’t evaporate.

Mario A. Pita

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