Inner Scenes – 1

Three billion words were published in a tome,
to me a holy, cellular scripture – your genome.
Chromosomal Playground

We each will see truth from a different angle,
but points of view converge around an angel.
January Vertigo

Grand bridges stretch across wide waters for us,
like one between a love song’s verse and chorus.
Treble Bridge

We want extremes – a freezer and a toaster,
life’s ups and downs – a dusk roller coaster.
Twilight Rollercoaster

Iambs, trochees, spondees, pyrrhics, dactyls…
prosodic feet, for me, are wonderful shackles.
Poetic Feet

Before it was chopped down, this gorgeous tree
held concerts played by wind and birds for free.
Treble Tree

Those physicists think all is made of strings.
Like music from guitars the cosmos springs.
Cosmic Music

The barking dogmas which surround us now
ignore that truth might be more like a meow.
Feline Vision

Mario A. Pita

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2 Responses to Inner Scenes – 1

  1. noinoi says:

    You’ve been doing such lovely work for quite awhile. Thank you for sharing your treasure.

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