Image Marriages – 5

A streetlamp hanging from its stem turns on,
consoling a sunflower when the sun has gone.
Nocturnal Sun

Yes, doves are a symbol of Spirit in some religions,
but their cousins are no less holy – scruffy pigeons.
Boston Peace

The last to dangle from the stems, a berry
swells, ripening and whole though solitary.
Berry Lonely

Exposed to rains and locked for lack of trust,
embraces – like a chain link fence – can rust.
A Rusty Embrace

A train of thought may be derailed by folly,
but you can catch another, neuronal trolley.
Green Line Twilight

Wind will often make its small leaves rustle,
but it’s rare to see a willow flexing its muscle.
Willow Muscle

Your peace amidst the world’s pervasive fuss,
like berries in snow, is gorgeously incongruous.
Gorgeously Incongruous

A snowstorm didn’t stab the air with icicles
but mummified a pair of locked up bicycles.
Bicycle Couple

We hope for beautiful endings – a leaf suceeds
as reds and yellows spread and green recedes.
Autumn Emblem

Mario A. Pita

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