Image Marriages – 4

My mind has rippled with thinking of all that I lack
but stills like an ocean at twilight caressing a kayak.

Branches sometimes snag a wind-blown kite
and apparently snare as well a plane in flight.

Vines climb a wall expressively – graffiti
that is drawn to light as if by art or deity.

Might we, earthly people, of varied shades and sizes,
be otherworldly beings in skin-tight, flesh disguises?

“Though infernal dry spells have attacked us,
we flourish, growing sinuously, like a cactus.”

You may be terrified of spiders, yet
you love a web, the playground net.
Playground Arachne

Finding adventurous fun, even in a mesh,
with playfulness you see the world afresh.

You are called a weed. That is a great offense
to you, lovely dandelion, entangled in a fence.

“My limbs, when they are cut or if they snap,
bleed just like yours, except my blood is sap.”

Just when an asphalt lot looked lifeless, stark,
I discovered you growing, shaping a living arc.

Happiness turns luminous despite challenges piling:
delight shines from your faces through your smiling.

Mario A. Pita

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One Response to Image Marriages – 4

  1. Beth Ann says:

    Beautiful. Touching. Moving and Profound observations as always. Thank You!

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