Image Marriages – 2

Serenely, a boulder appears to levitate:
sand disguised as sky upholds its weight.
Suspended Stone

In hieroglyphic profile, past a sparrow,
a bird appears to rule as if a pharaoh.
Avian Sovereign

An elder contemplates a horse-drawn carriage
while still unbridled youths consider marriage.
Afternoon Contrast

Man’s products spread – a planetary menace,
yet some blend well with land – a ball for tennis.
Sport Fruit

A dog flies in a dance. How can this be?
He’s been inspired by a tossed Frisbee.
Canine Stunt

Between a house and tree with colors flaming,
the sky becomes a window formed by framing.
Autumn Home

Discarded hangers heaped at different angles
become an abstract sculpture’s metal tangles.
Tangled Hangers

Colored looping tubes and wires are
a necessary mess – inadvertent art.
Tubular Jumble

While dangerous if moving, an automobile
provides a prowling niche on a rear wheel.
Feline Wheel


Mario A. Pita

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