Silhouette Play

Before her sister enters the misty scene,
a girl is wondering what life could mean.

Two sisters meet amidst a sunlit steam,
concurring to be forever a sibling team.

“Backstage is not the place for us to stay.
The curtain’s open. Time to start the play!”

If all the world’s a stage and we are players,
may we escape the script by way of prayers?

Though childhood’s a swiftly passing stage,
cosmically, we’re kids at every age.

Where life’s a play and all the world’s a set,
a coat’s a dancing prop in silhouette.

A girl won’t let her dancing jacket drop:
if life’s a play then everything’s a prop.

“Some things you’ll only learn if you are shown.
Like how to fly. I’ll show you. I have flown.”

“No one can fly with only a single feather.
It takes two wings, or beings: we’ll fly together.”

“We’ll have a blast in blasting off. The sun
is sponsoring with light and warmth our fun.”

“We got our energy from what we ate,
but only through our love we levitate.”

“In other moments too we’ll float with ease,
with nothing but the mist below our knees.”

Two sisters stand as sun-rimmed silhouettes.
We pray their lives are filled with sweet duets.

Mario A. Pita

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