Boston Protests

Disparity in wealth is a swelling gap,
but protesting and romance overlap.
Rebel Couple

Armament Impotence
A missile can’t engender life — though loud,
at most it feeds the world a mushroom cloud.

Chart columns don’t support an arching roof
but can support conclusions, offering proof.

A presentation graphically can draw us
toward an option that it renders obvious.

A wall can’t stretch forever: open sky
presides past space protesters occupy.

Lament Allotment
War’s business splits in two its profiteers:
some collect the profits, others the tears.

Between a church and skyscraper, a hand
keeps balance, equity the central demand.

Financial bubbles pop like those of soap
yet bubbling protesters encourage hope.

A skyscraper’s abrasive scraping is softened by
an oblong bubble slipping between it and the sky.

Near a protest for a world that’s better
a laborer lifts to place a pair of letters.

Mario A. Pita

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