Image Marriages – 1

Behind red berries when a snowstorm’s done

a streetlamp glows disguised as a setting sun.

The branch-strung bulbs agleam with festive light

resemble buds enshrining future life.

Compressed by wooden posts, a tender bloom

unfurls and offers unconstrained perfume.
Blossom Squeeze

A cat reclines where beams stretch straight or curve,

contrasting hardness, softness, wood, and fur.
Feline Balance


A robin steals from soil — rich with worms —

enriching us with singing, free of words.

Before the foliage falls, its yellows dazzle us.

The tree will look deceased, but it’s just deciduous.

Despite the loud yellows, a pine has not agreed

to emulate the maples, relinquishing their green.

In blue and green and yellow’s interaction,

the autumn teeters, falling towards abstraction.
Season Canvas

Protruding through a run-down porch’s squalor,

a dog’s an artwork, framed around the collar.
Canine Scene

Perfection that we seek is close at hand:

a child has a ball with moistened sand.
Spherical Parable

A Buddha statue beside a wound-up hose

implies: as minds unwind, awareness flows.

Your toes are like a temple’s colonnade,

arranged in supple rows, divinely made.

Mario A. Pita

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One Response to Image Marriages – 1

  1. Hello!

    I recently came across your photos from Occupy Boston and saw the photo of myself and a friend in the “Rebel Couple” photo. Is there any chance I could get the hi-res version of that photo e-mailed to me?

    let me know!

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